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Accompanying person´s programme

In August, summer is in full swing in Estonia and this is one of the best times to visit Tallinn. Spend time in medieval Old Town, relax at the beach or discover countless of museums of your interest. Tallinn is family friendly and here are a lot of options to entertain also younger members of the family. You are welcome to choose the accompanying person's programme we have compiled for you, or you can discover Tallinn on your own and join only the social events of the Forum if you like.

Discover on your own..

You will find everything from medieval to modern, from art and history museums to activity centers of energy, discovery and innovation, cozy cafés alongside with Michelin starred and Michelin recommended restaurants, shopping from local handycraft to international brands.

Two great sources to find information: 

Everything you need to know about Tallinn:

Facts, guides, recommendations etc about whole Estonia:

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