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Excursion programme

In the morning after the Forum, on 11 August we have two sites waiting for your visit. Depending on your travel schedule we invite you to join the full field trip or choose only the first site in case your flight leaves at noon. Joint bus transfer is organised but if you prefer to join by your own then just ask for the driving instructions from the Forum Secretariat.

Rae Peat Production Site

Rae peat production site next to Tallinn covers around 370ha. It is managed by Ahtol Ltd who invites us to visit the site and learn about the technologies and machinery they are using.


Mihkel Saar nursery

Mihkel Saar Puukool  is an Estonian nursery that specializes in the cultivation and wholesale of perennial flowers and roses. The customers of the nursery are Estonian and Finnish garden centers and garden departments of hardware stores, who value the high quality of plants above all. Mihkel Saar nursery has 25 years of experience growing and selling plants.

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