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Shaping a Growing Media Future for People and Planet

Welcome to the 22nd Baltic Peat Producers Forum, where we're laying the groundwork for a sustainable future. As stewards of the nature's most precious resources, we are united by a common vision: to shape a growing media future that harmoniously serves both people and our planet.


The Forum - it's a movement towards innovative, responsible, and sustainable use of peat in growing media. We understand the critical balance between harnessing the potential of peat media and preserving our natural ecosystems. That's why this year's key topic, "Shaping a Growing Media Future for People and Planet", encapsulates our commitment to pioneering practices that nurture the earth and empower communities.


Join us in crafting the future of growing media, where every grain of peat holds the promise of life and sustenance. Dive into a rich agenda brimming with enlightening discussions, groundbreaking research presentations, and collaborative workshops led by visionaries and experts from across the Europe.

The Baltic Peat Producers Forum it's a beacon for those who believe in a future where the peat industry not only thrives but does so responsibly and sustainably. Join us as we pave the path towards a greener, more sustainable world, one where growing media supports not just plants, but the very essence of life on our planet

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